The papermaking tradition goes back a long way in Štětí. But the paper mill isn’t cut off from the outside world, and everything we do impacts on the world around us, especially on our local community. Mondi employees create our company culture, but they also do much to make our region thrive. At Mondi, we don’t just produce paper. We also create values, which we promote in the world around us. One of these values is a willingness to volunteer support in areas where it is needed, whether protecting the environment or promoting sport, culture or health protection and disease prevention.

So let’s devote some of our time to build places where we’ll enjoy living and working.

Choose a category that’s dear to your heart and do some volunteering for the local community. You can do as many hours as you want. For each category, we’ll announce events/requests for help, and you can then decide what to support, when, and how much you want to get involved, as a volunteer. We’ll also let you know whom we should refer to for requests for help when organising Mondi For the Community events in individual sectors (environmental days, trips, MADD, and others).

Project sections:

Paper making

Paper making
(public presentation and education promotion)

  1. Tour guide
  2. Family guide
  3. Expert lectures
  4. Internship support for students of Štětí Higher Vocational School of packaging technology and High School
  5. MADD stand
Sport and leisure time

Sport and leisure time

  1. Regular sports activities
  2. Matches and tournaments
  3. School sports support
  4. Lectures
  5. MADD stand
Health care and social services

Health care and social services

  1. Lectures
  2. Condition testing
  3. Helping in social care institutions
  4. MADD stand


  1. Environmental activites
  2. Expert lectures
  3. MADD stand

Regional events:



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